The #1 Way To Get Started Investing In Real Estate With No Money, Credit, Loans or Job Needed

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Get Started Investing In Real Estate With No Money

I am sure you have seen those “house flipping” TV shows by now. They are all over TV.


While flipping houses (buying, renovating and reselling for a profit) can be a very lucrative endeavor, there is a huge learning curve and a lot of risk at hand.


What if you could quickly flip houses in a different fashion? A fashion where the risk was little to none? Where no loans were needed and bad credit was ok? Where you could get paid in 2-4 weeks rather than 4-6 months? Where very little to no money was needed?


Would you be interested?


Enter Wholesaling


In the simplest terms wholesaling is getting a property under contract for under market value and passing the great deal onto someone else for a little bit more money.


It is the business of selling properties to retailers. Retailers end up selling to end-users.


As a wholesaler you are basically the middleman in the transaction. You make your money by controlling under market value real estate and providing it to other investors or end users for a fee.


Why Wholesaling?


Wholesaling is the fastest real estate investing strategy to start generating capital quickly.


The learning curve is much less than many other real estate investing strategies.


Since the risk can be omitted you have little to nothing to lose if a deal goes south.


You can start wholesaling part time, with as little as 5-10 hours a week.


The income potential is nearly infinite. The top wholesalers in the country make 7 figures a year!


Once you find a great deal you can have a check in your hands in as little as 1-4 weeks.


Depending on the market you are in, each deal can bring you $3,000 to $20,000 on average. You can even create 6 figure paydays on higher priced real estate.


The Key Components of Wholesaling


Lead Generation

In order to be a wholesaler you must be able to consistently find or create great deals that other investors want to buy.


Deal Analysis

A large part of being a wholesaler is analyzing potential deals. You must be able to tell if a property is a good deal or not.


Offers & Negotiations

Making offers is a critical part of being a wholesale real estate investor. It takes a great deal of offers to get the big paydays.


The best deals are negotiated not found. Good negotiating skills can be instrumental when wholesaling.


Don’t worry if you are not skilled at this. You can either learn to be, partner with someone who is skilled, or higher a closer.



Building a Buyers List & Marketing Your Deals

The most important aspect of being a wholesaler is creating and maintaining a solid list of cash buyers that are looking for great deals.


These cash buyers are typically rehabbers (investors that fix and flip), and landlord investors (they buy and rent out).



How Do I Get Started With Wholesaling?


If you would like to learn more about wholesaling you can follow this blog.


Each week I will post great tutorials on real estate investing and many will cover aspects of wholesaling.


I feel that in order to be successful at anything in life, the number one way is to learn from the mistakes of others who have already been down the path that you want to explore.


I want to give you access to a free report that covers the 7 most commonly made mistakes by newbie real estate investors.


Knowing these mistakes before you begin your journey is a must as it can save you many frustrating hours along with thousands of dollars.


In the free report you will also learn how you can start wholesaling right away along with where to get all the information & guidance you need to be a successful wholesaler.

Grab your free report here:

Get Started Investing In Real Estate With No Money









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Here’s to your success!!!

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