Why a Pocket Listing Is a Powerful Ally

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September 23, 2016
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November 4, 2016

For anyone looking to move a property on the market, you have likely noticed the immense challenges that exist when it comes to building, maintaining and strengthening a position that allows you to sell or buy at your most comfortable.


This is an affliction that comes as a result of the immense challenges on the retail market. However, other solutions exist for those who are sick of the MLS market and the nature of its sales program.


If you fall into this line of thinking, then you have one simple solution waiting for you – pocket listings. A pocket listing is an exclusive listing away from the MLS and instead putting you in with a direct listing via one particular agency.


Why Does Pocket Listing Help?

Being exclusive sounds like a negative, right? You’ll have less people coming to view the property and less of a catchment area. How can you get the best sale when you work in a smaller market?


The answer is actually quite simple. With a pocket listing you aren’t just exclusive – you are now a fully exclusive listing which is open to trusted, reputable and repeat buyers. The agency that you go exclusive with is going to make it much easier for you to sell because;


  • They have a list of people they know would likely be interested. You are dealing with a lesser volume of client but a higher quality.

  • Since the agency only offers out a pocket listing to those who are active in the market, they are bound to see progressive improvements in the chances of getting a sale.

  • Since these people also always get into the market and buy via pocket listing, they’ll be less fussy. This means you’ll have far less problems with tiny demands and the most insignificant of changes to the house.

  • If you don’t have the time or the patience to engage in these tiny changes, then you can turn to a pocket listing to help you get a buyer who is happy just getting the property.

  • Although you might take a small hit on the asking price, you are far more likely to get a sale that is quick, easy and far less of a challenge. There’ll be no jumping through hoops to impress clients who are looking at your property on a pocket listing program.


This can make it much easier for you to get the sale you wanted in a time that you value and a price that you can agree upon. People here won’t try and take you for a ride and you won’t have to deal with competition and demands for change.


Instead, when you sell using a pocket listing, you vastly improve your chances of getting a win/win situation. Everyone wins out of this scenario and you can find that, if you have been trying to move on for a while and haven’t, that being an exclusive option has far more benefits to it than any perceived negatives about the system.



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