Negotiating With The 4 Personality Types of Sellers

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April 4, 2016
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April 19, 2016

How many times have you met someone that you instantly took a liking to? When conversing with them did it come with great ease and it feel like you were talking to an old friend?


Let me now ask you this question; how many times have you met someone that you disliked from the get go? When conversing with them, was it difficult to find a common ground to speak about? Was it something about their mannerisms, tone, aura or attitude that turned you off quickly?


For the most part, we like people who are similar to us. We like people with similar personality types as us.


This really holds true in business as well. We tend to enjoy doing business with others that have very similar personality types as ourselves.


When negotiating with sellers it is very important to not only understand what personality type they are but also how to interact with their specific personality type.


By being able to distinguish which personality type a seller is and interacting accordingly you can greatly enhance your closing conversions and for higher profits as well.


Many studies have been conducted on personality types and the majority of the top studies have shown that there are four main types.


Reserved- Task Oriented


The people who fit in this category are the more analytical type. They are very steady and grounded. They are slow when it comes to change. Often they suffer from Analysis Paralysis. They prefer safety over risk.


Other Traits

  • Serious

  • Skeptical

  • Likes rigid timetables

  • Rational

  • Precise and orderly

  • Co-operative

  • Like details

  • Great problem solvers


When negotiating with analytical people it is best to stick to specifics. Being assertive will be a turn off for them. They make decisions based on facts and logic. Remember that it takes time for this personality type to establish relationships. Lastly, ask many “why” questions.


Reserved- People Oriented


People who fall under this category are very easygoing, tranquil and patient. They are very people oriented. These people do not like conflict and you will rarely see them talk over others. They are the helpers.


Other Traits


  • Low risk taker

  • Dependent on others

  • Sensitive

  • Not goal oriented

  • Likes security

  • Respectful

  • Soft hearted

  • Friendly


When negotiating with this personality type outline everything and make sure there are no surprises for them. They are a bit slower to take action due to fear of risk.


Use encouraging language coupled with phrases that show you will work together. Show low risk solutions. Make sure to find out about their family and personal interests.



Outgoing- People Oriented


People with this personality type are very outgoing and impulsive. They love to talk and are very people centric. Relationships are much more important to them than tasks. They tend to be very emotionally expressive and often dramatic. They use humor to diffuse tension.


Other Traits

  • Persuasive

  • Make quick decisions

  • Charming

  • Short attention span

  • Enthusiastic

  • Creative

  • Easily loved

  • Flexible agenda

  • Spontaneous decisions

  • Impulse buyers


When you are negotiating with this type of personality use uplifting stories. Be very friendly while discussing the future and the present. Remember to stay away from too much data. You will lose them.


Outgoing- Task Oriented


The final personality type is the strong type A. These people are very results oriented and want to win at any cost. They really enjoy debating and actually enjoy conflict. They are very strong willed and confident.


Other Traits

  • Impatient

  • Decisive

  • Stubborn

  • Poor listener

  • Passionate, hot

  • Quick to make decisions

  • Controlled emotions


When you are negotiating with a Type A personality talk about change and possibility. Give them options but let them choose. Use facts and logic. Keep your discussion efficient and to the point. Cut to the chase. Be assertive but do not invade their personal space.


Having a solid understanding of these four personality types and how to interact with them can be extremely valuable not only in negotiating with sellers but in interacting with people in our every day lives.


A great way to build your skill at identifying these personality types is to be aware when interacting with people each day. Whether in your home, on the phone, face to face in the workplace, or even watching people on TV.


Try to identify which personality type each person it. As you get better at distinguishing which type a person is, try out some of the suggestions mentioned above.


You will find that your communication and negotiation skills will greatly improve and in turn increase your conversions as well.



I hope that this post was very helpful to you. If it was, please share with someone who you think may benefit from it. 

Here’s to your success!!!



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