How To Get A Stream Of Highly Motivated Sellers Calling You Every Month

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The #1 Way To Locate Distressed Properties. A Tried and True Method
December 29, 2015
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Generating a stream of calls from motivated sellers starts with having highly targeted lists to mail to.



There are many list providers that you can order specialized lists from or you can build a list on your own as well.


Some list providers will charge per list other companies may have a monthly/yearly fee.



List Providers


List Source


US Lead List


Rebo Gateway


You can find many others on the web. Google “Mailing List Providers”


Your Title company or Closing Attorney may be able to provide lists for you free of charge if you plan to use them when closing on deals.


Here are some lists they may be able to proved you:


    • Absentee owners (mainly rental properties. Owner’s live elsewhere. Out of the county and out of the state are the best to target)

    • NOD’s. (Notice of Default’s. Owner is behind on their mortgage payment/payments)



Types of Lists


Here are some great lists to target. You can find many motivated sellers that are faced with these situations and need someone to buy their property.






Absentee Owners (out of county and out of state)


Notice of Defaults


30, 60, 90 lates




Tax Defaults


Free & Clear





Create Your Own Lists


A great way to create a highly specialized list of properties that you know are distressed and in areas you are interested in is to Drive For Dollars.


More on Driving For Dollars in this blog post Driving For Dollars


Once you locate the distressed homes it is important to “Scrub the List” to take out any properties that you may not want after looking at the tax information.


You may want to omit homes that were recently purchased in the last year or 2. Possibly longer.



You may want to remove homes with little to no equity or ones that are owned by corporations.


Property Radar is an excellent tool to look up the records on a property. There is a monthly charge for their service though.



Customizing Your Lists


You can add filters when creating your lists through the List Providers.


It is important to base your filter criteria on what your buyers are currently buying if you are looking to wholesale your deals.


Some of the filters you can use are:


Property type, property value, lot size, equity, year built, square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms and much more.

If you truly want to generate a stream of motivated buyers calling you each and every month, I highly suggest that you choose highly targeted lists to market to.


The next step is to create a direct mail campaign to reach these homeowners. More on Direct Mail here: Direct Mail Blog Post


I truly hope that this blog post has been of great value to you. If so, please share it with someone who you think would also benefit from it.


Here’s to your success!




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