How To Create an Abundant List of Cash Buyers Hungry For Properties

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May 13, 2015
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Abundant List of Cash Buyers Hungrys

Are you new to real estate investing and trying to figure out how to build your buyers list?



Is your current buyers list looking pretty sparse?



Do you currently have a wholesale deal but need to find cash buyers in a hurry for it?


In this post I will be covering 4 of the most effective and quick ways to find cash buyers hungry for more deals.


Having a solid buyers list is a vital part to running a thriving wholesale business.


The great thing to know about creating a buyers list is it really does not have to be a massive list of hundreds of buyers.


It really only takes 3-4 strong cash buyers to run a very successful wholesaling business.


It does take time in the beginning trying to weed out the tire kickers from the real players and for that reason you should always be building your list.


Four of the top methods for finding hungry cash buyers are:


1. MLS

2. Local Real Estate Investing Clubs

3. Marketing a Wholesale Deal

4. I Buy Guys





Whether you have access to the Multiple Listing Service or not, you can find a good deal of cash buyers in your area. If you don’t have access, don’t worry. You can always find and befriend a real estate agent to help you run a search for cash buyers.


In most MLS’s you can run searches for cash transactions based on a given criteria such as time frame, location, or price range. Once you have your search results you can see the name of the person or entity which purchased the property for all cash. You can also see the mailing address of the person or entity.


Next you want to send them a letter letting them know that you consistently have great deals for cash buyers. For a quicker method you can use a service such as Intelius to look up their phone numbers, then give them a call.


You can also do a keyword search for remodeled homes. Take a look at the pictures to see if it was a complete rehab and if so get in touch with the owner the same ways as described above.



Real Estate Investment Clubs


Another great way to find cash buyers to add to your buyers list is to attend your local real estate investment club meetings and network with the other investors.


You can also create a simple spreadsheet with 3 columns, name, phone number and email address. At the top you want a eye catching header that says something to the effect of “Are You Looking For More Great Wholesale Deals?”


Subtitle can say “Sign up below to receive wholesale deals via email as soon as we get them under contract”. You can play around with the wording but you get the idea.


The key to creating the sign up sheet is to make sure your spreadsheet already has 3-4 names, phone numbers and addresses on it already. You can make these up but use slightly different handwriting for each one.


No one likes to be the first to put down their information. When people see that others are signing up they will be more willing to do so themselves. It works wonders. Just place the sign up sheet on the table next to all the other flyers if your club allows this.


Marketing a Wholesale Deal


This is hands down the fastest way to build your buyers list. When you market a great wholesale deal there will be all kinds of cash buyers that gravitate to you. This could be your own deal or one that you are helping another investor market. Either way you can build your buyers list quickly. Here are some places to market your deal:

● Craigslist



● Flyers at your local real estate investment club

○ Create a flyer with all of the details and at least one picture. Place it out at the meeting or even hand it out as well.

● Bandit Signs

○ You can create signs with the highlights of your deal and place them around town.

■ Check with your city ordinances first.


I Buy Guys

You can always locate the “I Buy Guys” by doing a Google search for phrases such as

● I buy houses fast

● Sell my house fast

● Buy my house fast

● Cash for my home

● Real Estate Investment Company


Enter your city name after each phrase to find someone local. Once you have your results, give them a call to see what they are looking for. Most of the time these companies are either wholesalers, rehabbers or both. You are really looking for the rehabbers or even landlord buyers who can pay cash.


If they are wholesalers you should still keep in touch with them. You never know when you will have a deal that is difficult to find a buyer for and they may be able to shoot the deal out to their buyers list in exchange for a cut of the deal if they bring you a buyer.


Now that you have 4 great ways to build your buyers list get out there and make it happen!!!!! I know you can do it!!!!!!!



I hope that this post was very helpful to you. If it was, please share with someone who you think may benefit from it. 

Here’s to your success!!!




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