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July 1, 2016
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July 15, 2016

What if you could outsource all of the mundane or monotonous tasks of your real estate business, that must be done, but at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in office employee?


How would that feel to unload those duties or tasks of your real estate investing business that you absolutely despise? What if you could delegate them to someone that you know can not only take the tasks on but also complete them as good or better than you can?


Enter Virtual Assistants. Have you ever heard the term Virtual Assistant before? Are you familiar with how invaluable they can be to a real estate investing business?


A virtual assistant is basically an independent contractor that you can hire to work remotely to complete various tasks/duties for your company. This independent contract can be located anywhere in the world and have a skill set of just about anything that you desire.


The Benefits of Virtual Assistants


Outsource tasks to free up more of your valuable time


You can hire VA’s from anywhere in the world which can mean saving a great deal over hiring an in house employee or independent contractor from your area.


Because you can hire remotely you have much larger worker pool to select from.


You have many hiring options to choose from. Here are a few but not limited to only these options.

  • Fixed amount of hours per week/month

  • Pay for only the hours worked each day or week

  • Pay per project completed


You do not have to provide a workspace for the VA since they work remotely.


You can find Virtual Assistant’s with all types of skill sets such as marketing, telemarketing, data entry, graphic design, Internet marketing, social media, etc.


Because Virtual Assistant’s are independent consultants you do not have to pay employment taxes or benefits.


What to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

As real estate investors the most important aspect of what we do is finding/creating great deals that we can flip, wholesale, or add to our portfolio. Because this aspect is one of the most important aspects it should be looked at as one of the last duties to delegate if, you do at all. Just about every other aspect of the business can be delegated to someone else.


Before you hire a Virtual Assistant it is important to take time to really analyze your business. Break your business down into groups of similar tasks. Take a long look at each task or task group and determine if your invaluable time can be better spent on higher income producing activities.


Determine which tasks you dread doing as well as the ones you really enjoy doing. It will be easy for you to delegate the tasks that you dread but where it becomes difficult is delegating the ones you actually enjoy. You must ask yourself if your time could be dedicated to much higher priority tasks that would not be appropriate for a Virtual Assistant, or at least at this stage in your business.


Here are some other important aspects to consider before hiring a Virtual Assistant:


Communication Skills– You must be able to communicate with each other effectively. If you are hiring a virtual assistant from another country there could be a language barrier. Set up a Skype interview (phone call over the internet via so that you can hear how well they speak English. This is critical if part of their duties is to make phone calls.


Experience– It is important to find out about the virtual assistants experience and work history. Find out how long they have been working as a VA. What kind of experience do they have with the specific duties that you need accomplished?


Skill Set– Find out what their skill set is. They may have a vast skill set, which could come in handy down the road as you look to delegate more tasks.


Personality– Think about the kind of person that you would like to be a part of your company. What kind of personality would you like them to have? The last thing that you need is to be clashing with them because your personalities are so different.


Pay– If you are looking out of the country you can find virtual assistants for as little as $2 an hour. If you only want to hire someone in the States you need to be prepared to pay anywhere from $10 an hour up to $80 or more depending on the work you need done. Take a good look at your budget to see how much you can afford to pay first, and then seek out the most qualified VA to bring aboard.


Reviews– There are many companies today that have a platform which brings virtual assistants and employers together for a fee. On these types of websites you can basically shop for a virtual assistant. These sties will often show reviews from past employers so that you can get a better feel of how they might be to work with.


Where to Find a Virtual Assistant?

There are many websites that you can find to help locate a great virtual assistant. You can start with a simple Google search to find some. Just type in “Virtual Assistants” or “Virtual Assistants for hire”.


Here are some of the top companies where you can search for and hire a Virtual Assistant: (Previously known as Odesk)



In order to really scale your real estate investing business it is critical that you bring on employees or independent contractors. You must be able to delegate some of the everyday tasks to free up more of your time to devote to the tasks of the utmost importance.

Utilizing Virtual assistants is a highly effective way to take your business to the next level. If you are at a stage in your business where you can afford to hire a virtual assistant, I highly suggest you do. There is a plethora of very talented and qualified virtual assistants out there just waiting for you to discover them.


I hope that this post was very helpful to you. If it was, please share with someone who you think may benefit from it. 

Here’s to your success!!!



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