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February 5, 2016
10X Your Results By Doing This One Thing

10X Your Results By Doing This One Thing

Successful real estate investors have laser focus on their goals and they are not easily distracted. Staying focused with so many constant distractions around us is a difficult task. Learn how to 10X your results by keeping focused on what matters most in your business.
February 4, 2016
You Have a Deal Under Contract Now What?

You Have a Deal Under Contract. Now What?

For those of you that are looking to wholesale deals, it is important to understand what to do once you have a deal under contract. This video will cover what your next steps are after locking up a great deal.
January 30, 2016
The 3 Most Common Excuses Holding People Back From Investing In Real Estate

The 3 Most Common Real Estate Investing Excuses For Inaction

Excuses are a terrible thing. They prevent many people from attaining their goals and dreams. Learn what the 3 most common excuses are that are keeping people from investing in real estate and how you can overcome them.
January 26, 2016

How I Bought My First House at 21 with Bad Credit, No Savings & Little Income

I'd like to share a story with you of one of my favorite success stories from early in my real estate investing career. How I hacked my first property at the age of 21.