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This website is dedicated to helping those of you that are at the novice or intermediate level of real estate investing and looking to escape the 9-to-5 Rat Race once and for all! 


If you are determined to make a dynamic shift in your life so that you can finally live the life that you have always been destined to live, then you are in the right place. 


My name is Sean Edgar and I am the founder of RealEstateInvestingUncovered.com


I was once in a very similar situation as you. 


This was a very low point of my life. I was working at a dead end job. A job that I dreaded to go to every morning. 


I had no savings so I relied on each and every paycheck that came in to pay the bills that were piling up. 


I knew that I was destined for greater things but I just didn’t know what exactly. This is when I discovered that it was possible to make money through real estate investing without having any money of my own to invest. I had always thought that I needed to be well off to invest in real estate.


I saw a late night infomercial selling a ridiculously priced course and pitching get rich quick strategies . Sound familiar? 


There I was, a very naive 19 year old, bursting with excitement that I had found my calling. I quickly whipped out my credit card and ordered the course. 

This period in my life is when I learned that not all guru’s out there are looking out for our best interest and teaching real life strategies that work in the current market. 

I encountered an unbelievable amount of frustration with no results. I did not let this stop me though. I knew there had to be a way for me to get started investing in real estate, even being as broke as I was. 


I decided to attend every seminar, read every book and listen to every webinar I possibly could to soak up as much real estate knowledge as possible. This period of my life I fell victim to the “Shiny Object Syndrome“. Rather than learning about one strategy and applying it with full force, I got distracted by a strategy that sounded even better. 


This was a vicious cycle! I maxed out my credit cards and still had no results to show for it.  This was another low point in my life. 


I was down in my spirits for a while but realized that I needed to pick myself back up, dust myself off and keep moving forward



The Turning Point


The turning point for me was when I finally found someone to give me a little guidance. I found a real estate investor who practiced what they preached and taught real world investing strategies that worked in the current market.


I found someone, who was not a so called “guru”,  just looking to sell highly overpriced “Get Rich Quick” courses. From this point on I never looked back and went full steam ahead. From that point on, I started to finally generate great results! 


I steal remember that first deal I closed! I felt on top of the world!!!!!!! It was a small deal of only about $3,500 but it may as well have been $350,000 because it was my first deal. I knew from then on that I could actually do it. 



15 Years Later


15 years have gone by since I invested in that first course. I have to tell you that to get where I am today, it was a very bumpy road full of obstacles and pitfalls. There were many exciting high points as well as even more low points.


The main point that I want to stress is that it is extremely important to have the right guidance when starting out. It is very important to learn from someone that is in the trenches everyday closing deals.  Someone that has already made many costly mistakes, over the years, but learned from them and can help you avoid them.



What Motivated Me To Build This Site?


My sole intention of creating this website is to give prospective real estate investors and newer real estate investors a go to source for the most affordable, up to date and valuable real estate education on the market today.


What initially motivated me to create the site was seeing the vast amount of Guru’s out there charging ridiculous prices for their courses and programs.


I have been absolutely appalled at these highly over inflated prices for years. After seeing course after course being pumped out to the market with price tags of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and even as high as $40,000, I said enough is enough!


I knew that I needed to provide a better option for soon to be investors or current investors to get educated or continue their education in the real estate investing field.


Throughout my 15 year career as a real estate investor I have learned countless invaluable lessons that I know others can learn from as they grow their own real estate investing businesses.


My vow to you is that I will take all of what I have learned over these 15 years of being an investor in the trenches and provide it on this website. This includes the top methods and strategies that are working right now as well as what is not working.


You will also be able to learn from all of the mistakes I have made along the way so that you can avoid the same ones. Nothing will be held back.


Real Estate Investing Uncovered will always be a work in progress, continually updating and adapting to the ever changing market conditions. This website will also continually adapt to provide the content that you are most interested in. Your feedback is very important!



How You Can Get Started Now


The first thing that you should do is download the FREE REPORT that I created. This report reveals How To Avoid The 7 Most Deadly Mistakes “Newbie” Real Estate Investors Make. To learn how to Avoid these costly mistakes just click on the link below. 


The next step is to watch the free 6 step video guide showing how to get started with Wholesale Real Estate Investing. Just click on the Free Video Guide link below.


You can also connect with me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RealEstateInvestingUncovered/ 


You can connect with me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/RealEstateInvUn


Lastly, for weekly real estate investing tips and tutorials you can follow my blog http://realestateinvestinguncovered.com/blog/




7 Deadly Mistakes Cover


I look forward to guiding you on your journey to become a successful real estate investor.

Here’s to your success!

Sean Edgar

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