The 3 Most Common Real Estate Investing Excuses For Inaction

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January 26, 2016
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February 4, 2016
The 3 Most Common Excuses Holding People Back From Investing In Real Estate

What is holding you back from real estate investing?


Why are you still sitting on the sidelines?


Chances are that your reason for not getting started with real estate investing is one of the following:

  1. Fear

  2. Lack of Knowledge

  3. Not Enough Time


These 3 excuses are the most common for people being stuck on the sidelines as a spectator while many others are in the game doing deals.


I’d like to dive in a bit deeper on each one of these excuses so that we can understand them further. Then I would like to shed some light on how to overcome these excuses.



I once heard that fear stood for “False Experiences Appearing Real”. This is so true. When we are fearful we are afraid of something that hasn’t even happened yet and may never happen.


We fabricate an experience in our minds and believe it to be true of what is to come.


Every decision that we make in life is made based on either gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. Whichever one you focus on the most is going to win every time.


When you choose to not begin on your path as a real estate investor you are focusing on avoiding pain.


This could be the pain of failure, the pain of possibly losing money, the pain of making mistakes or even the pain of uncertainty and what the foreign path is going to bring your way.


If you can instead channel your focus onto the pleasures that can come about when you take that leap, you will be able to get into the game.


Learn to put a stop to these fabricated experiences as soon as they enter your mind and focus on how great it will be when you close your first deal.


Focus on how amazing it will be to quit your job and work for yourself. Think about the time freedom you will gain once a successful real estate investor. Think about how it will feel to be debt free. Focus on the infinite benefits that real estate investing can bring into your life.


Too Busy

We all have the same amount of hours in each day. It is what we do with those hours that makes the biggest difference between the players and the spectators.


We make time for those things in life that we care about the most. If you do not have enough time to devote to achieving your dreams through real estate investing then it is just not that important to you.


The truth of the matter is that the majority of people who make this excuse do have enough free time to invest in real estate.


If you are still saying, “I really don’t have any free time though to devote to this”, I want you to do a little exercise.


Take out a sheet of paper and write down “24 hours”.

Next you are going to figure out where your time is spent on the average day.

Figure out how much time is being devoted on the average work day in these areas:

  • Your Job

  • Commuting To & From Work

  • Sleep

  • Preparing/Eating Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Household tasks (Laundry, cleaning, etc)

  • Quality time with family (exclude tv watching)


Once you have a total, subtract 24 hours from that total to see how many hours you have left on the average workday.


You should also do this for your non working days.


For most Americans, the majority of their spare time is spent watching their favorite tv shows. If this is you, you need to stop right now and ask yourself if you your favorite shows are really more important that creating a better life for you and your family.


If you are serious about getting in the game I strongly suggest you analyze where your time is being spent. Find the time wasting activities that you can minimize or get rid of so that you can focus building your real estate investing business.


You can also read this post to find more ways to free up time. How to Free Up More Precious Time to Invest In Real Estate



Lack of Knowledge

There are so many people delaying getting into the real investing arena because they feel that they do not know enough yet.


I promise you that every successful real estate investor has felt that way at some point. The difference is they didn’t let that debilitate them.



You are never going to learn everything there is about real estate investing. It is just not going to happen.


The fastest way to learn is to jump in the game. You have to take that leap.


It is important to understand the basics but you must get in the game to really understand how to invest in real estate.


Using lack of knowledge as an excuse all comes back to the fear that we discussed earlier. You are focusing on the negatives rather than the benefits of getting started.


I will leave you with a Chinese Proverb that I once heard….


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”.


You have already let a great deal of time slip by. Don’t be a victim of F.E.A.R Get out there and take action today!!!!!!


I hope that this post was very helpful to you. If it was, please share with someone who you think may benefit from it. 

Here’s to your success!!!




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